Thursday, 23 August 2012

Traveling Tips for India

Travel means to go from one place to another place, as by car,train,plane, or ship.
Take a trip, journey. To move or go from one place or point to another.To Proceed
or advance In any way by using the Travel.

First, if you are taking a taxi from the airport, make sure it is a registered taxi. The best option is to take a prepaid taxi. If that is not available, you should fix the price or make sure that the meter is working. Do not wait till reaching your destination for deciding on the price even if your driver insists on doing so. This applies not only the transportation from the airport but any transportation in general.

If you are traveling within India there are quite a few transportation options available. InIndia transportation ranges from the pragmatic to the imaginative. Within Delhi the metros the best way to travel. So if you are going somewhere, check if there is a metro route that can get you there. For short distances autos are generally a good bet. Unless the meter is not working. In which case you should find out what the correct rate is from the hotel you are staying at or from the person you are staying with.

When you are traveling back, I will equate enough time to make sure that you get to the airport on time. Even when you travel back late at night you are likely to encounter a traffic jam. Especially when you are travel from central Delhi to say the airport. Take about an hour at hand but buffer some time in for traffic jams. With these tips you can enjoy a more comfortable, safer and healthier stay in the country. And get around to what is the most important, enjoying the immense beauty and culture you find here.

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